What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy is a declaration of what information is collected from website visitors and how that information is used. Also, it may mention about the use of cookies and how these interact with the visitor's web browser.

Why have a Free Privacy Policy?

If your site contains Ads, then your visitors could be suspicious of what is being tracked as they navigate your site and, hence they may be less likely to buy or even continue surfing your site. A privacy policy shows that you are open and transparent about how you collect and use data from your visitors.

A futher benefit to having a privacy policy link (in your website footer) is for search engine optimization. Search engine algorithms are becoming more advanced in the way they evaluate the quality of web pages, and one simple way to gain added credibility for your website is to have a privacy policy in place.

Obtaining a Free Privacy Policy

Let's face it, privacy policies are boring! If you don't want to write these things or pay to have them written, what can you do? Simple, link to our generic privacy policy which should be adequate for the vast majority of websites. Or you can generate a more personalized version to cut and paste to your site.